Our Chapel

Our chapel is conveniently located on-site and can be customized to suit your service. The chapel seats 150 people and several off-site locations are available for larger services.

About Us

With five and three years of experience in the death care profession respectively, Todd Schuler and Brad Lefebvre were relative newcomers. They had more enthusiasm than history, which prompted them to embark on their mutual desire to begin their own funeral home venture.

Both were born and grew up in small, central Saskatchewan towns, Todd in Middle Lake and Brad in Englefeld. After alternate career starts, the two met in embalming school. Both fared well, receiving awards for their exemplary performance, and they soon entered apprenticeships at Canadian funeral homes in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. It was through regular correspondence during their apprenticeships that they discovered a common interest in enterprise.

Eventually, the idea to open their own funeral home brought them back to familiar territory – the town of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Located about 120 km. east of Saskatoon, with a population of 5,200, Humboldt had relied on the services of a single funeral home for at least the past 50 years.

Preliminary inquiries as to a location drew positive responses from the agriculture-based community, so the pair forged on. They purchased a building formerly occupied by a plumbing and heating business and a hatchery. Carefully-planned renovations soon transformed the structure into a 5,000-square-foot full-service funeral home, complete with a 160-seat chapel, visitor room, prep room, casket and urn selection room, administration office, wheelchair-accessible washrooms and three-bay garage. The chapel was a major consideration in designing the home. Prayer Services are common in the predominantly Roman Catholic community, making the chapel a first prerequisite to serving Humboldt and area clientele. It also very well accommodates Funeral Services.

The chapel’s transportation needs are served by a transfer van, lead vehicle and two Cadillac funeral coaches. The furnishings and atmosphere throughout the building bring a feeling of peace and comfort to all who enter. After much preparation, the chapel doors opened to the community on April 15, 1992.