Funeral Planning

Planning and pre-planning funeral arrangements can be a rewarding experience.
Planning ahead allows you be prepared both financially and personally, so your wishes are carried out and your loved ones have less stress during their time of loss. Planning a funeral also can be a valuable, as it helps to begin the healing process and lets you honour your loved one.

Benefits of Pre-planning

  • -Pre-arrangements can be done at your own pace
  • -Relieve your family of making uncertain decisions of your wishes
  • -You decide on the details - music, flowers, participants, etc.
  • -Choose traditional or cremation
  • -Should be monies set aside with Purple Shield (Our staff will assist)
  • -Choose type of service needed to suit your beliefs

Benefits of Planning

Planning a funeral for the one who has passed is a privilege
Planning a funeral for the one who has passed is a way to express your love and the value of their life
It provides satisfaction of a meaningful tribute
Choose the specific needs of your loved one's service

Planning Checklist

The Best of Professionals

Brad Lefebvre
Owner, Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer
Deryk Meszaros
Owner, Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer
Mervin Oleksyn
Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer