Charles “Murray” Lees

December 5, 1959 - September 25, 2021

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Funeral Service: Livestreaming Available
Friday, October 1, 2021 – 2:00pm
Humboldt Uniplex – Jubilee Hall (please use Main Entrance)
Humboldt, Saskatchewan

In honour of Murray’s love for riding, we would invite anyone with motorcycles to join us on a short processional
between the service and the luncheon to follow.


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Stoney Lake Bible Camp
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Murray Lees was born December 5, 1959 into a farm family in Melfort, SK and had a childhood filled with riding motorbikes and snowmobiles, restoring vehicles, and being right- hand man to his dad on the farm and helping drive his dad’s semis.

Murray’s relationship with God was instilled in his heart from his family, and became a personal commitment when he was a little boy attending vacation Bible school and prayed with his dad to accept Jesus’ forgiveness and make a decision to live his life for Jesus. This decision permeated all of Murray’s personality and life choices.

Murray excelled at sports, playing hockey as long as his health permitted. Murray bought and sold Harleys and loved bike and snowmobile rides with his favorite riding buddies, his brother Colin and best friend Dirk and so many others along the way. Murray’s last summer golfing included a hole-in-one with a money reward at a tournament and his last effort to golf in Humboldt was a satisfying 76 despite his fight with his health issues.

Murray attended Briercrest Bible Institute sharing most classes with Glenda Krahn, whom he married on May 29, 1982. Murray and Glenda started what would become a lifelong vocation of leading, teaching, and mentoring others through Bible studies as they served God as a team. After Glenda graduated from U of A and got a job teaching at Caronport Elementary School, Murray went back to Briercrest to finish his degree. Each word read and written and class finished was a major accomplishment only done with God’s help and Glenda’s encouragement.

Sharaya was born in April of 1987 and Murray discovered he loved being a dad! Danielle, Rachel and Jessica were born in Humboldt and Josh was born in Nipawin. Murray and Glenda’s team serving God had expanded and included their whole family.

Murray’s resume varied from being an electrician, servicing farm equipment, running a business in Humboldt to being a camp director at Torch Trail Bible Camp. Murray chose to pursue accreditation with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and started pastoring a tiny church in Arcola in August, 1998 which thrived under his leadership. Murray’s next pastorate was at Strasbourg Alliance Church starting in February, 2002. Glenda and Murray continued to work as a team with their kids as they saw each one of their kids make a personal decision to follow Jesus and to help wherever needed. The whole family also chose to serve at camp each summer. In fall of 2007, Murray went back to Humboldt to serve as pastor of Humboldt Alliance Church seeing incredible growth as this tiny dependent church became independent financially, and truly a church family reaching out to the world. Murray served briefly as an RCMP chaplain fulfilling his deep respect for men in uniform.

Each of their children chose to attend Nipawin Bible College (and Murray served on the board in the last few years) and eventually they married the spouses who had been lovingly prepared by God for life and marriage through Murray’s prayers for them since they were little. September 25, 2013 was the birth of Murray and Glenda’s first grandchild, Silas Kennedy, and eight others followed with each being loved, prayed for, and celebrated by their grandma and grandpa.

Murray was a physically strong athlete, but struggled consistently with his health for many years. In March of 2014, Murray was officially diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Murray and Glenda grieved over this diagnosis, but Murray made a decision that cancer would not be his defining factor, and that he would choose to live each day in the hope and joy that God gives. Murray walked a tightrope of treatment and meds including a stem cell transplant in February of 2018. Murray continued to pastor officially as long as he could, pastoring and encouraging unofficially when his health was weak.

God prepared Murray for his homegoing and Murray faced it without complaint, anger or fear. Murray’s kids fought hard to bring him home from the hospital and he was so privileged to be ushered into eternity with each of his kids (and their spouses who were his kids also) and his wife as they prayed, reminisced, cried, laughed, and sang praises to the God who loved their husband, dad, and grandpa so deeply. Murray faced eternity without regret or fear, knowing that the same Jesus he gave his life to as a little boy would welcome him into heaven.

Murray said goodbye to numerous friends and the church that he fiercely included as family, his mom, Doreen Lees, parents-in-law, Annabelle and Ernie Krahn along with his siblings, Howard, Debi (Jerry), Leona, Colin (Cynthia) and Glenda’s siblings Brad (Gayle), Michelle (Andrew), his wife Glenda, his kids and grandchildren: Sharaya and Aaron Kennedy (Silas, Arusha, Shepard, Ari), Danielle and Jordan Bergen (Annabelle, Liesl, Frederick), Rachel and Shad Hodgman (Corrie), Jessica and Travis Maki, Joshua and Bryn Lees (Russell). Murray is welcomed into heaven by the three babies of Danielle and Jordan that we never had the opportunity to meet, and by his dad, Lloyd Lees, and his grandparents.

We would like to thank the medical personnel who battled for Murray including Dr. Hamilton, homecare, staff of Humboldt Hospital and RUH with particular thanks to Tracie, Amanda, Mary, Tamara and the ladies of medical daycare. We would also like to thank the community of Humboldt and our church family who have consistently surrounded Murray and his family with prayer and love, making this journey an easier one.

“Well done, good and faithful servant!
You have been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things.”

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